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Portable Residential Generator Transfer Switch

Winkler Electric Generator
Are you interested in purchasing a home standby stationary generator for your home, but don’t want to spare the expense? Consider purchasing a less expensive portable generator from your local home store. Winkler Electric can install a conversion kit on your home’s electrical panel so you can plug your generator into your home and supply minimum power during a power outage.

Do you already own a portable generator? Would you like to connect that generator’s power into your home when the power goes out? Call Winkler Electric to install a conversion transfer switch on the electrical panel.

What is a generator transfer switch?

A generator transfer switch closes off the utility power line to your home’s electrical system during a power outage and opens a line to a generator, then reverses the process when grid power is restored. Permanently hard-wired to and installed near the breaker panel in your home, transfer switches solve the problem of backfeeding, which occurs when electricity runs backward out of the house and through the utility transformer. Per the National Electrical Code (NEC), all transfer switches must have a three-position “LINE-OFF-GENERATOR” or “ON-OFF-ON” switch to keep power from accidentally backfeeding. The three-position switch ensures that the switch goes through the off position when traveling from the generator position to the line position, fully disconnecting the generator every time before the main utility switch is turned on.

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